Parent Partnership

familyParent Partnership, a non-profit organization located in Cottage Grove, Oregon, was  founded to help families.  From parenting classes to day care, Parent Partnership has the single-minded focus of helping families raise happy, healthy, and educated children by offering these programs:  First Steps Day Care, A Primary Connection, Teen Connection, and the McKinney Program.

The mission of Parent Partnership is to provide a comprehensive program in a rural environment to enhance parenting skills and healthy child, youth and family development.

The primary goals of the agency are:

  •   Parenting education
  •   Childcare
  •   Outreach to at-risk children and families
  •   Child abuse/neglect prevention
  •   Providing quality after-school education and recreation programs

While our mission involves the identification and treatment of acute problems, we recognize that education, training, and on-going support are essential to creating self-sustaining adaptation that enhances our community over the long-term. We teach people to help themselves and to seek out opportunities for creative expression, successes in life, and giving back to the community.

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