First Steps Day Care

March_2007_nancy_gomezFirst Steps is the highly acclaimed day care center at Cottage Grove High School. Through its programs, teen parents are encouraged to remain in school. While accessing the necessary daycare, students attend regular classes. The trained staff offer consistent care for infants and toddlers in an environment that meets the child’s needs. They also offer practical and necessary parenting skills and provide mentoring. Parent and child get beneficial bonding time and are empowered to stay connected. The long range benefits yield productive community members, stronger families, and educated young parents. All services are offered to students without charge, and are offered in English and Spanish.

First Steps also provides child care for school district and community college staff when slots are available, full-time or part-time. Our staff parents provide valuable role modeling for the student parents. First Steps boasts a highly-trained and experienced staff that provides countless learning opportunities for their clients.  The day care is host to children ages 0-3, in a tv-free environment focusing on learning. Likewise, kids are offered many opportunities outside of the classroom, including a enclosed and covered play area, sign language, walks, unique experiences, and even trick-or-treating in the high school during Halloween.

If you need child care, please contact us for availability, hours, visits and day care fees. Our fee schedule is highly competitive.

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