About Parent Partnership

The mission of Parent Partnership is to provide a comprehensive program in a rural environment to enhance parenting skills and healthy child, youth and family development. The primary goals of the agency are:

  •   Parenting education
  •   Childcare
  •   Outreach to at-risk children and families
  •   Child abuse/neglect prevention
  •   Providing quality after-school education and recreation programs
While our mission involves the identification and treatment of acute problems, we recognize that education, training, and on-going support are essential to creating self-sustaining adaptation that enhances our community over the long-term. We teach people to help themselves and to seek out opportunities for creative expression, successes in life, and giving back to the community.
Our major programs and products are:
First Steps Child Care Center:
Provides care of infants and toddlers at the high school for pregnant and parenting students and school district personnel. Work experience and appropriate modeling for students and teen parents are key parts of the experience; while First Steps helps teen parents stay in school, the trained professional staff mentors students in practical and necessary parenting skills. Parents and children get beneficial bonding time and are empowered to stay connected.
A Primary Connection (APC):
South Lane County’s family resource center, promoting healthy family relationships and child-abuse prevention. The center’s comprehensive services include parent education and supported parent-child interaction, drop-in center hours, support groups, special events, referral resources, and a lending library. The pre-school classroom environment offers a space for parents and their pre-school-age children to get support, play, learn, do arts and crafts, and meet other families. Drop-in activities include reading, computer play, and puzzles. All services are free, bi-lingual, and available to all ages in South Lane County.
21st Century Learning Center: An after-school program for middle and high school students that strengthens skills leading to success in school. The center offers recreational options that highlight cooperation and creativity. Enrichment classes are offered in such subjects as cooking, pottery, photography, yoga, graphic design, computer gaming, and theater production. Students are encouraged to be active after school and have fun with their peers. They are assisted in pursuing new interests by community members and local artists who serve as instructors.
The McKinney Program:
Provides resources, services, and referrals to homeless students who are facing barriers to school enrollment, attendance, and success. Challenges may include need for shelter, transportation, school supplies, tutoring, registration information, counseling, food, hygiene, and medical concerns. Many participants are temporarily displaced or lack a stable home environment, and the resources provided are invaluable for keeping them safe, healthy, and in school.
Health and Human Services Advisory Committee:
Offers opportunities, such as networking, training, and collaborative projects, to agencies and individuals serving children and families in our area.
Family Resources Directory:
A free booklet for families listing resources in Cottage Grove and Creswell for such services as child care, preschools, counseling, education and recreation, employment and training, family support services, food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and health care.
Summer Recreation Directory:
A free booklet for families listing summer activities, events, and resources in Cottage Grove and Creswell, including theater, outdoor recreation, arts and music, family support, continuing education, and child care.
Parent Partnership has a staff of 15 part- and full-time professionals who operate in close collaboration with South Lane School District. Parent Partnership has direct contracts and support from state and local government agencies (including the Oregon Department of Human Resources, Commission on Children and Families, Oregon Community Foundation, Cottage Grove Community Partnership) and receives funds from a number of private foundations and individual donors.

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